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          What is Scenehunt?

          A collaborative movie location guide, enhanced by you.

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          Outlander location at Doune Castle, Scotland

          Outlander © 2014 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved

          How it works

          Become the top Scenehunter

          Scenehunt operates an awards system for each user by granting each listing they upload a Gold, Silver or Bronze status. The more thorough your listing, the higher the status and the more helpful your listing is to others...everyone wins!

          Earn Gold or Silver listings

          Upload locations with images to verify it to score Gold, or Silver listing status. The more golds you have; the higher on the leaderboard you become!

          Claim bronze listings as your own

          Bronze listings are ones without any image verification. Upload images to turn them into Silver or Gold listings and claim them as your own!

          Save your favourites

          Store all your favourite spots so they are easily accessed for all your future Scenehunt trips!


          Discover what's near you

          Trying to find that iconic shot with Bond standing in the glen from Skyfall? Trying to discover the 'Himalyan' scenes from Batman Begins? With detailed overviews complete with GPS co-ordinates; Scenehunt allows you to go exploring!

          Recently added locations

          Scenehunt let's you search, share and explore popular film and TV shooting locations from across the world

          We appreciate true and honest feedback as it helps us improve the site so let us know what you think.

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